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Hydraulic (Rowe) Cell Testing-


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Results given: You provide:
  • Coefficient(s) of Consolidation and Compressibility
  • Remoulding conditions, if applicable.
  • Direction of Flow
    (inwards, outwards, vertical etc.)
  • Loading Condition
    (free or equal strain)
  • Effective consolidation pressure(s)
Typical use(s): Material required:
  • Determining consolidation properties in a particular mode/orientation of drainage, particularly where the in-situ material is in layers of different permeabilities.
  • Enough material to fill apparatus with an internal diameter of 76mm, 100mm, 150mm or 250mm and a height of approximately 1/3 to 1/2 the diameter.
Description Price excl. VAT
Consolidation in a Hydraulic Cell
up to 4 days duration
(BS1377 : Part 6 : Clause 3 : 1990)
up to 100mm diameter:

over 100mm diameter:

Extra over days in excess of initial 4 days 30.00 per day
Remoulding specimen at as-received moisture content 18.00 for up to 100mm diameter
  • This test may be performed with a permeability stage after each consolidation stage. The cost is only affected by the additional day charge(s) incurred.
  • The duration of this test is material dependent, and can be long, particularly for low-permeability large diameter samples.
  • We would recommend that you liaise with us before embarking on this testing to enable us to give you a better indication of the likely duration and total cost.
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